Installation, Commissioning and Service of MVHR

(Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery)

We work closely with Systemair offering a variety of Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) services bespoke to your project. Systemair are the market leaders for MVHR systems. If you haven’t yet decided which manufacturer to go with they are the clear choice with a variety of units including several with Passive House certification.

With our office located in Welshpool, Powys, we mostly work in Mid Wales and Shropshire. However, we can work further afield dependant on the project.

“We mostly work in Mid Wales and Shropshire. However, we can work further afield dependant on the project.”

Our Qualifications

Rich, our installer and commissioner, is BPEC Certified. This qualification meets Part F of the Building Regulations 2010 and can issue a Domestic Ventilation Compliance certificate once the commission is completed.

“I can assist you with any MVHR queries and also provide technical support.”

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Packages Available

We offer a variety of packages ranging from the installation of your MVHR unit and ducts, to servicing the unit annually after it is installed in your home.

Installation of MVHR

If your project has an MVHR unit and duct runs designed by Systemair, we can install it for you. We are part of their approved installers register and may already have been recommended to you if we are in your area. Installation will begin in the first-fix stage of the project.

Our installation cost includes:

  • Installation of the unit
  • Fit and connect all duct runs (supply and extract)
  • Insulate ducts where necessary
  • Leave the ducts in the rooms in such a way that the plaster boarders can fit the boards up to the duct ends
  • Commissioning (once the dwelling is finished)

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Commissioning of MVHR

We can commission all makes and models of MVHR systems and will provide you with a Part F Certificate for Building Control. If you are installing your MVHR unit and ducting yourself, you must still have someone who is BPEC Certified to commission your MVHR.

The commissioning involves testing the MVHR by measuring the airflow rates in each room and adjusting accordingly, so the flow rates are as intended by design and Part F. The commissioning can only be carried out once all internal doors are hung. Note, there must be a 10mm undercut for adequate airflow.

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Servicing of MVHR

Over time the filters on the unit will become soiled and need replacing, so that the machine can work efficiently. We can service existing Systemair / Villavent units that have already been installed and can also programme in services for new installations.

A service can include (but not limited to):

  • Filter replacements
  • Cleaning inside of unit and all room vents
  • Cleaning external vents (if accessible)
  • Checking all accessible ducts

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