As we build to the ever improving standards of insulation and airtightness, we need to be sure that we don’t overlook the fundamental need for fresh air inside the buildings. Higher levels of insulation and airtightness mean less leaks in the fabric by design, so the demand for fresh air is fundamental. Without it there is a high risk of mould forming due to the damp, humid air. This will lead to health problems and potential structural damage. MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) units give a constant supply of fresh, outdoor air whilst removing all warm, stale air from wet rooms / utility rooms / kitchens and w/c’s. The warmth is removed from this air via the heat exchanger where it is mixed with the outdoor air and distributed to the habitable rooms.

We have close ties with Systemair, and are able to provide quotes for a wide range of highly efficient units, including several Passive House Certified systems. PYC are BPEC approved installers and commissioners, so will work closely with PYC Design and Systemair to select the right unit for your project.