About the Systems Team

PYC Systems was established as a supplier of products to complement our build system. Our products enable efficient design, high insulation and vapour management for construction products.

We are here to help out with which range of pro clima products to use in your project and ordering. We can give advice on the air tightness and provide air tightness tests once your project is completed and even commission MVHR systems.

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Rich Hibbert PYC Systems

Rich Hibbert

Technical Manager

Level 1 iATS Registered Air Tester

BPEC Approved MVHR installer & commissioner

I manage PYC Systems, providing technical support for your low energy and high performance buildings, plus site visits to conduct air tests and commission MVHR units. If you have questions on creating an air tight building, which products to use, or Passive House I am here to help.

If you have a dream to build your own dwelling, then I would say just go for it! We have a great team here, who all share the same beliefs and attitudes to constructing the right home for you.

Charlie Smith PYC Systems

Charlie Smith

Office & Accounts Manager

I am in charge of the day to day management of our office and often the first point of contact for many customers and suppliers. My main focus is customer service and making sure that your products are in the right place at the right time.

I can help with arranging orders and quoting for products plus I am responsible for the accounts, invoicing, contract agreements, and public relations.

Molly Meade PYC Systems

Molly Meade

Office & Accounts Administrator

I assist Rich with orders and Charlie with accounts. If you are a first time customer I can send over a quote for the products with getting you the best deal possible, arrange your order and delivery to site. I also write up invoices, can take card payments and help set up your account.

Other than processing orders I can be found updating our websites with Kay, our Marketing Manager.